Saturday, December 9, 2023

TikToker was arrested for uploading an illegal video featuring weapons

The Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Property Police said they arrested the suspected offenders on Friday. The suspect, identified as Waseem Sajid, has been involved in murder and attempted murder for more than a year.

Meanwhile, the suspect Hamad, who uploaded the video to TikTok using an illegal weapon, was arrested on Friday. Police also found two pistols and a bullet from his arrest. He had uploaded a video of aerial photos and advertisements for illegal weapons on social media a few days ago.

3 Committed suicide: A man and two boys committed suicide in the provincial capital. A 12 year old boy identified as Saqlain commits suicide in Kahna. He reportedly asked his parents to buy him new pants. However, his parents couldn’t do it. He was persistent but disappointed, then locked himself in the room and ended his life by hanging himself with his belt.

Meanwhile, a Ramadan teenager commits suicide in the city of Valencia. Her parents reprimanded her for her “bad” habits, allegedly engaging in bad associations. On the day of the incident, his parents scolded him and asked him to focus on his education. The teenager took him to heart, locked himself in a room and hanged himself. A 40 year old man ended his life by jumping from the Walton Flower on Ferozpur Road. He was identified as Mohamed Shafiq, 40. It is said that he was unemployed for a long time and was depressed because of his poor economic situation. He also suffered from mental illness due to depression. The police team took the body to the morgue. Police said they were investigating because the exact cause of death would be determined after the investigation.

Man found dead: A 25 year old man was found dead under suspicious circumstances in Liatakatabad on Friday. A passerby saw an unconscious man on a road in Liakatabad and alerted police. A police team took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. His body was taken to the morgue. Police investigations indicated that the victim looked like a drug addict and may have died from substance abuse.

Bodies found: The bodies of two people, including a woman, were found on Friday from a field in the Raywind area. Several local residents found the body and alerted the police. The police detained the body. The victims were identified as Parveen Bibi and Habib. The victims were shot and their bodies thrown into the field. After receiving this information, the forensic team arrived at the location and collected evidence. Police suspect the victims died because of hostilities. The police took the body to the morgue.

Drug dealer: Bagbanpur police said they arrested two suspected drug traffickers on Friday, Imran, nicknamed Mani and Shahzad, nicknamed Shiedo. Police also recovered 1,110 and 1,120 grams of Harry from their detainees.

Police Sadar also arrested three suspected drug dealers, including a woman. The suspects arrested were identified as Aslam, Rizuan and Shahda Bibi. The police found 1,710 grams and 3,020 grams of the amulet from their belongings. Cases have been recorded against all the suspects. Police said they were investigating the matter further.

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