Sunday, June 4, 2023

TikTok Should Be Banned in Pakistan : Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi, a star cricketer, has requested a ban on TikTok for the welfare of society in Pakistan. He told singer/activist Shehzad Roy.

The first one asked the latter to do his part in banning the popular Video-Sharing App time and again. Afridi and Roy shared the screen for the chat programme.

When the topic turned to fans on producing TikTok videos with the celebs, Shahid Afridi stated his contempt towards TikTok. Afridi requested the famous musician to speak up on TikTok’s problem.

“Please prohibit this TikTok. For so many things, you raise your voice, please also forbid it,” Afridi remarked to Roy.

Afridi was all about banning TikTok, not blocking and unblocking it again. On his next visit to Islamabad, he asked Roy to lobby the Chinese app, which he felt was promoting obscenity.

He further stated that TikTok was one of the main societal problems in Pakistan and responsible for many terrible occurrences.

Afridi further remarked that youngsters should not be provided with smartphone access and that for their use a specific age must be specified.

“My daughter is 19 years old, and I’ve let her use the telephone,” the batsman remarked.

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