Tuesday, November 28, 2023

TikTok removes about 6.5 million videos from Pakistan

China’s TikTok app company ByteDance removed nearly 6.5 million videos from Pakistan between January and March 2021 for violating the platform’s guidelines, it said in a statement on Wednesday.

This makes Pakistan the second largest country after the US, which extracts the most videos from platforms worldwide.

Videos from the Pakistani marketplace violate TikTok’s policies and terms of use and some promote misinformation about COVID-19, according to TikTok’s quarterly transparency report released on Wednesday.

In the three-month period from January to March 2021, 61,951,380 videos were deleted worldwide, less than 1% of all videos uploaded to TikTok.

In the Pakistani market, TikTok removed 6,495,911 videos, making it the second most-deleted market after the United States, where 8,540,000 videos were removed during the period.

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