Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Tiktok introduces a new Feature of Q&A to engage more with Community

Earlier this year, TikTok discovered while testing a new question and answer feature that allows developers to more directly answer their audience’s questions with text or video. Tiktok introduces new Q&A feature for the Creators to engage with more users. They can also find answers of their questions from this feature.

Today the company announced that the feature is now available to all users worldwide.

With the launch of TikTok Q&A, as its function is officially called, developers can define their comments as Q&A questions, answer questions with text comments or video answers and add a link to a Q&A profile on their resume. This function also works with live video.

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Features for Creators

TikTok’s questions and answers are growing so that developers are already using the video platform to interact with viewers. After posting a video, viewers often have additional questions about the content.

The creator then answers this question in the comments section, or if the answer is more interesting, they can post a second video.

A question-and-answer function essentially validates this process and makes it easier for developers. Specially those with multiple fans – to identify and answer the most interesting questions.

Tiktok introduces Q&A feature for their creators so that they can get answer their questions they want to ask.

To use questions and answers, viewers first define their comments as question questions using the new comment option. To do this, tap the Question and Answer icon to the right of the text entry field in the comments.

It also displays your comment with a “Asked by” icon and text followed by the username of the person asking the question. This makes it easy for creators to view while scanning the long list of comments on their videos.

This feature also inserts questions into the author’s new question and answer page, where all questions and answers summarized.

Users can browse this page to view all previously published questions and answers, or add their own.

The creator answers the questions as before with text or video answers. So there isn’t much new to learn about the process.

You can also add comment questions and answers as stickers to their answers. With the new video going back to the original where the question was first asked. Similar to how they used their current comment sticker.

This feature will also be available on TikTok LIVE. So that developers can easily view incoming questions in the chat stream from a separate control panel.

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