Sunday, December 10, 2023

Throughout the voyage the Afghan envoy’s daughter used the internet: Sheik Rasheed

Minister for the Interior Sheik Rasheed Ahmed stated the Afghanistan envoy’s daughter was accessing the internet throughout her trip.

“The situation with the Afghan ambassador’s daughter does not include kidnappings,” the Minister of the Interior remarked during a news conference, according to our research. He also complained that Kabul was not supposed to remember his envoy in one occasion.

“The administration is going to fight the Afghan ambassador’s daughter [but] our enquiry indicates that this is not an abduction case.” stated Rasheed. He said the girl changed cabs four times, and during her ride no one was sitting in a taxi.

The Minister of the Interior hoped that the Afghan embassy will join the inquiry and said that the government itself registered the case.

He claimed the police studied almost 700 hours of film from 300 cameras on the Afghan ambassador’s daughter’s travelling path while interviewing more than 200 residents. He claimed there is no criminal record for the four cab drivers.

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