Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Three More Companies to start Making Mobile Phones in Pakistan

After the tax cuts has reduced, the three more companies to start making mobile phones production unit in Pakistan. They also started producing mobile phones locally.

According to a senior official with the Council of Engineering Development (EDB), three new entrants –

Vivo, Airlink and Advance Telecom have applied for a manufacturing unit to be established in Pakistan. Whereas they are seeking approval from the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) and the Ministry of Industries and Manufacturing (MoIP) For them.

While Vivo plans to set up a unit in Faisalabad. Airlink applied for a division in Lahore, while Advance Telecom plans to build it in Karachi. The official revealed.

The official noted that EDB is the political secretariat for local mobile phone production in Pakistan.

Further the government recently issued a regulation removing tax cuts on locally produced phones.

This will surely help to facilitate the assembly and production of parts in Pakistan.

So, this will be good to know that three more mobile phone companies to start marking mobile phones in Pakistan after the tax relaxation from the government.

This step is highly appreciated by investors.

Moreover, Mr. Amir Allahwala, CEO of a company that makes Infinix and Techno-Mobile kits, said:

“Now, after the tax breaks, there is a clear difference of Rs. 1900 on a set between locally assembled and imported Phones for US $100.”

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