Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Three Afghans fall from the skies as the plane departs Kabul

After a plane departing Kabul supposedly lost hold on the exterior of the aircraft, three young guys apparently fell in the middle of the air, terrifying images surface.

Two unidentified items falling out of a plane’s surface in a video published by the Afghan Asvaka News Agency and apparently filmed from the ground.

The agency claimed next to the 11- second film that since then has gained over one million views, “The video depicts a flight from the airport in Kabul from which two individuals are thrown onto the people’s home from a plane.” Afghan men hung tyres on a U.S. military aircraft C-17, according to the magazine.

Locals around the airport in Kabul report that three young men who were holding fast on the aeroplane tyres fell on people’s homes,” claimed the outlet on Monday in a tweet. “This was corroborated by one of the local residents that their collapse created a loud and dreadful noise.”

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