This Lottery Winner Can’t Redeem His Prize Chevrolet Corvette

Georgian man Dennis Kahler won a Chevrolet Corvette and $ 250,000 in the Georgia Lottery in December 2021 but has yet to receive it and is struggling to get a Corvette.

Kahler wanted the 2LT Rapid Blue z51 Vette, but lottery administrators couldn’t find a dealer with a replacement Corvette to sell.

This man may have to wait until the third quarter of this year to receive his award.

If Dennis Kahler is crazy enough to think he’s actually going to win a free car when he buys scratch-off cards for the Georgia Corvette and Cash events, he probably still doesn’t know that shipping issues will affect his luck. vehicles, arranging lottery bugs and possibly involving a team of lawyers. But sadly he was wrong.

Dennis Kahler won the top prize in the Corvette lottery in December. His winnings brought him a cash prize of $ 250,000 and a 2021 Chevrolet Corvette that cost up to $ 107,000. Dennis Kahler said his preferred spec was the 2LT Z51 in Rapid Blue and he thought his dream car would cost $ 80,465, meaning he would receive an additional $ 26,535 in cash once the deal closed. The base price for this type of Corvette is $ 73,290, so hopefully Kahler can add features such as a racing seat, carbon fiber fairing, or (hopefully not) colored seat belts to the C8.

But Georgia Lottery employees, seemingly without a car with prizes waiting to find a winner, struggle to find a suitable car. Problems hampered the launch of the new Corvette. Production of the Vette mid-engine was initially suspended due to a 40-day strike by United Auto Workers, and then the coronavirus pandemic temporarily closed the genetically engineered factory. In October, the Kentucky Bowling Green facility that builds Corvettes was closed for a week due to unspecified problems with the coronavirus supply chain.

This situation led to a high demand for not many cars. So far, the only vehicle that the Georgia Lottery could provide for Kahler was sent by a dealer who wanted $ 10,000 on top of the MSRP, but Kahler rejected any decisions that would interfere with his win.

It looks like Dennis Kahler will have to wait until at least the third quarter of this year before the unknown Corvette reaches the line. Kahler said many lawyers were now involved in his quest to win the Corvette from the Georgia lottery.

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