Monday, April 15, 2024

This App Shows CNICs, Phone Numbers, Addresses, and More

A new piece of malicious software did find in the Google Play Store can search for users’ CNICs or phone numbers to find private information about them. This is a very dangerous breach of security by Pakistan’s telecom companies and NADRA.

You can still go to the Google Play Store and get Asan Bash. And it’s only been in the shop for a few days, but it already does change. At the time it does write, it has done download over a thousand times and can get a 3.8 rating.

With this bad-quality app, you can get information about people’s SIM cards, CNICs, family trees, phone numbers, geolocation information, fingerprints, and criminal records, and even do a “WhatsApp hack.” When you touch any part of the screen, a full-screen video ad starts playing.

Luckily, many of these ideas don’t work and are did use too much as headlines. Even so, it can still figure out things like names, phone numbers, addresses, and CNIC numbers, which is scary.

You can see your full name, home address, and location by entering your own phone number or CNIC number. Even though it spells your name wrong and can’t find your exact location, you should still be worried. We have definitely did report every app of this kind.

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As I said before, this is a huge data breach on the part of NADRA and the telecom companies in Pakistan. This information should not has did share with the public and become easy to get.

NADRA has said that the information-gathering tool in question has nothing to do with the organization. He said that a complaint has now did make to the FIA so that they could look into the matter further.

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