Monday, April 15, 2024

These Google Chrome extensions steal your personal data

Since Google Chrome is the most popular web browser, a lot of people also use Chrome extensions. Add-ons for browsers let you do things like block ads, take screenshots with just one click, search for deals, and more.

A recent analysis by McAfee shows that some popular Google Chrome extensions are bad. Make to steal your personal information. Some examples of these add-ons are Full Page Screenshot Capture, FlipShop, and the Netflix Party series. Over 1.4 million users can download them all together.

With over 800,000 and 300,000 downloads, respectively, Netflix Party and Netflix Party 2 are the most downloaded add-ons. As the name suggests, this add-on makes it easier to watch Netflix online with family and friends by synchronizing video playback. In addition to the ability to pause and play videos for everyone at once. Netflix Party also gives you a chat room.

Both Full Page Screenshot Capture and FlipShope are easy-to-understand shopping comparison tools.

Defining Their Methods

According to McAfee’s analysis, these add-ons can load a multipurpose script that sends user information to a domain controlled by an attacker. This domain gets information whenever you go to a new website. Users say that the extensions are stealing their unique identifiers, GPS coordinates, nationalities, and more.

In this way, malicious code is sometimes placed into the victims’ browsers when they went to e-commerce sites. This program changed the cookies on these sites so that the people who wrote the code can earn commissions on sales.

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In response to McAfee’s findings, Google withdrew Netflix Party, and Netflix Party 2. Auto Buy Flash Sales from the Chrome Web Store. For some reason, though, apps like FlipShope and Full Page Screenshot Capture are still for sale.

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