Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The yearly economic activity of Gwadar port will be $10 billion: Bajwa Asim Saleem

Following complete operational operation at Gwadar port and the Gwadar Free Areas, the Chairman of the Chinese Economic Corridor of Pakistan, Lt Gen. (retd), claimed Asim Saleem Bajwa, would produce around $10.000 each year’s economic activities, as well as create thousands of new employment.

Asim Bawa told the reporters here in a review of Gwadar Port and other CPEC projects, “Soon after completion of the free zone, a lot of manufacturing and commerce will begin, cargo will flow, and trans-shipment operations would grow,”

He stated, “The development effort in Gwadar will be monitored till all projects are completely functioning.”

Asim Bajwa stated the Chinese Port Holding Company has finished its infrastructure work for almost 300 million dollars, with all four loading stations fully functional.

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