Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The water supply was cut off in some parts of Karachi due to power outages

A spokesman for the Karachi Water and Sewerage (KWSB) said that a power cut had occurred at the Dhabeji pumping station and as a result, several areas in the capital, Sindh, were suffering from water shortages.

The spokesman said the blackout destroyed the main water line and cut off 28 million gallons of water for the city.

“This morning there was a sudden blackout at the Dhabeji pump station which cut off the water supply to Karachi,” the spokesman said.

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A spokesman said the 72-inch pipe exploded, flooding a large area around the pump station. As a result, the water supply to Gulshan e-Hadid, Bin Qasim, Quaidabad, Malir, Shah Latif city, Razzakabad, Koranghi, and other areas was cut off.

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