Monday, December 4, 2023

The virus mortality rate in Pakistan is at its lowest says Asad Umar

Head of the NCOC, H.E. Asad Umar , stated on Saturday the lowest rate of COVID 19 in the area was recorded by Pakistan warning against the threat over the country.

Asad Umar told Twitter that, with prompt choices, hard effort, collaboration and Allaah’s Blessing the administration effectively addressed the pandemic of coronavirus.

Asad Umar stated, “Covid fatalities per million in our area: Iran 1037, Nepal 226, India 301, Sri Lanka 186, Afghanistan 160, Bangladesh 113 and Pakistan 102,” attributing the region’s COVID 19 mortality rate. Asad Umar wrote:

The coronavirus statistics in Pakistan have improved slightly, with a reduction in daily cases and fatality numbers today. There have been many cases.

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