Monday, December 11, 2023

The US blacklists 7 Chinese Supercomputer Centers due to Security National Concerns

United States restricted trade with leading Chinese supercomputer centers. This opportunity could be used to develop modern weapons and national security systems On Thursday.

“Trade is implementing new export controls to China and adding 7 Chinese supercomputer to the list of companies in response to their participation in the Chinese military, undermining efforts to modernize the military system and / or the WMD program,” he said. Said Commerce. US Tweets.

The seven centers are on the U.S. government legal entity list. The meaning they need special permits to export and import from the U.S, The South China Morning Post reported.

“Supercomputing capabilities are critical to the development of many – perhaps almost all – modern weapons and national security systems, such as nuclear weapons and hypersonic weapons. The Commerce Department will use all its strengths to prevent China from using American technology. Support this unstable military modernization effort, “said US Commerce Secretary Gina M. Raimondo.


The developments come days after the New York Stock Exchange announced it would shut down China’s online home platform.

Thank you for failing to report financial results and not responding to repeated requests from US authorities.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission, which regulates the US stock market, recently amended the Foreign Ownership Accountability Act.

According to Act US will remove foreign companies from the US stock market that do not meet local accounting standards.

The rule change comes at a time when US-China relations have hit low levels in several human rights. There are some trade disputes among others.

US Security Concerns

The United States is increasingly concerned about what it says China’s concerted efforts to acquire what appears to be the technical expertise to modernize its military.

In recent years, tensions have risen between the world’s two largest economies over a variety of issues. This including US claims that China is forcibly stealing its intellectual property.

Beijing’s growing military action in Asia and its reputation in the field of human rights, including its repression in Hong Kong and the mass imprisonment of Uighur Muslims, also debate.

US President Joe Biden has promised to continue to pressure China, in a rare deal with Hawk’s predecessor, Donald Trump.

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