Monday, September 25, 2023

The United States is relaxing travel restrictions in Pakistan

The USA has updated its Pakistan Travel Notice and has lightened its restrictions.

According to recent revisions, Pakistan was upgraded from category 4 to category 3, avoiding needless travel.

“The security environment in Pakistan has improved since the start of coordinated counter-terrorism and counter-militant operations by Pakistani security forces in 2014,” the revised directive noted.

‘In large cities, especially in Islamabad, there are stronger security resources and infrastructure and security personnel can respond to an emergency more easily than in other parts of the nation in such regions.’

The alert said that the terrorist assaults were rare in Islamabad. It advised US citizens, on account of terror and sectarian unrest, to revisit Pakistan’s journeys and warned them against increasingly risky Covid-19 regions.

The Level 2 Travel Health Notice of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on the one hand, has been given to Pakistan which states that the virus level in the nation is moderate.

“If you are completely vaccinated with a US-authorized Vaccine, your chance of catching COVID-19 and having serious symptoms may be decreased,” he added.

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