Thursday, March 30, 2023

The United Kingdom encourages its people to flee Afghanistan

Requests not to rely on the government for evacuation.

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, United Kingdom encouraged its citizens in Afghanistan “to depart forthwith by commercial methods,” against all travel to Afghanistan.

British citizens should phone the United Kingdom Embassy, Kabul and notify them as soon as possible of their departure intentions.

“The degree of consular aid the British Embassy is able to give in Afghanistan is extremely restricted, particularly in a crisis,” the British Government warned, and called upon its nationals to refrain from “relying on the FCDO to remove you in an emergency from Afghanistan.”

Because of the security situation, the British Government has declared that its embassy employees cannot travel beyond Kabul and is seriously restricting the consulate support that may be provided.

The UK stated that road transport is very risky in Afghanistan and advised its citizens to “get expert safety advice on all journeys and consider hiring armoured cars.” They claimed it was highly dangerous.

The advice stated that foreign nationals and the Government of Afghanistan are often threatened to utilise hotels and guest houses.

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