The submarine’s main cable connecting Pakistan is offline

IMEWE is reportedly offline and any data transmissions via international submarine cables carrying the majority of Pakistan’s internet traffic are currently unavailable for the service. We checked this against the source.

Just in case you are wondering, IMEWE is not the only cable connecting Pakistan to the outside world, but it does carry most of the country’s bandwidth. Therefore, interruptions can degrade Internet service for consumers in that country.

It should be noted here that ISPs change bandwidth during the outage, but the overall demand is met by the lack of bandwidth, which negatively impacts internet speed and user experience.

According to anonymous sources, there is currently no deadline or ETA for restoring IMEWE cables.

Although it is too early to calculate a schedule, a full recovery can take hours, even days.

Pakistan is currently connected to the outside world by several undersea cables. However, as noted above, IMEWE-3 accounts for a large portion (nearly 20 percent) of Pakistan’s international bandwidth.

Given the frequent interruptions of existing submarine cables, Pakistan will need to build additional submarine cables to develop redundancy and respond to increasing demand for bandwidth capacity. Such a cable can be MIR.

The PEACE cables are now installed and are expected to be operational in the coming quarters.

PEACE cables will be available with a design capacity of 96 terabits per second, which is more than double our current bandwidth capacity.

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