Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The Sindh government has prohibited individuals from dumping rubbish in Nala in Karachi

Karachi’s residents are being penalized for having dumped waste into or around zeroes.

According to the notice issued by the Office of Commissioner Karachi Friday, the Government of Sindh enforced section 144 of depositing waste on nullahs in Orangi, Gujjar and Mehmoodabad following the Monsoon rains.

“The groups of recyclers that gather recyclable material from the garbage and dump the residual rubbish into nuls have been identified from around 100 to 120,” she said.

This obstructs the drains of rainwater and causes urban floods during moonsoon rain. Consequently, from 20 July to 28 September, a prohibition was imposed.

In Karachi last year, monsoon rains wrought devastation. There have been inundations in several neighbourhoods. Rainwater invaded residences and hours on the chest-high-water road were blocked by people.

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