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The opposition did not ask the General bajwa to overthrow the government: Ahsan Iqbal


Secretary General of Pakistan Muslim League N (PML-N) Ahsan Iqbal said the agencies are concerned with the work of the government, not the PDM (Pakistan Democratic Movement).

At a press conference with Azma Bukhari and Ataula Tarar on Saturday at the party’s central secretariat in Model Town, he said the opposition had not asked the military chiefs to overthrow the government.

He said,

We will send the government package with the force of the long march that we planned and save the country on February 1, 2021

The PDM leadership will announce the end date for the long march after the consultation, Ahsan Iqbal said, adding that the government must learn from the story. He says it is time for everyone to take responsibility and now is the time for everyone to learn from the past. He said all doors to non-political interference in politics must be closed.

He says politicians have learned this and now others have to learn. He said the “elect” had to leave in a few months. He warned that the Anti-Corruption Organization (ACE), the FIA, the police and other institutions must not damage their image of the host government.

He said the PDM announcement at a public meeting in Lahore was the most important resolution since Pakistan’s rise to which all parties pledged to work together. He said the opposition was not fighting for power, but to save the people.

Ahsan said the prime minister had announced that he would provide containers and food to the opposition in protest, but arrogantly enforced the country’s harsh laws. He said the entire nation demanded his resignation. He said PDM will take a long time to get Imran Khan’s resignation. If he doesn’t resign, the PDM will resign from the trial and the system will collapse.

He said that Imran Khan said that the institutions are angry with the opposition, but in reality they are concerned about the government’s poor performance.

“[Indian Prime Minister Narendra] Modi seized Kashmir [from Pakistan] but Imran Niazi’s government remains silent,” he said, adding that PML-N brought CPEC [China-Pakistan Economic Corridor] to the current government not. add a dollar.

He added,

Imran Khan stands alone in the international community and is unable to unite and liberate the nation. You are stuck neatly with bowling, bumps, low birth weight and on your back, but now you don’t leave the field like a stubborn kid. It’s bad for the nation.

He said the country lost 122 billion rupees due to LNG imports; The European Union is allowed to operate airlines by destroying the domestic aviation industry because Imran Khan’s adviser is a European citizen. BRT in Peshawar has become the country’s biggest scandal, but no agency is monitoring it.

He said,

The institutions that work against the opposition have done nothing against the most corrupt government in the country.

He said inflation had reached its highest point and called on the government to immediately increase official salaries by 20%.

When asked, he replied that the Lahore Declaration would play an important role in future politics and the PDM member parties would work together for the people.

He said the PDM had become a popular movement and now capturing a leader would not weaken the movement. “You cannot run the government with that implementation,” he said.

He said he was scared and intimidated from within after yesterday’s interview with the prime minister.

The real problem is that people leave their jobs and get involved in other people’s work, which disrupts the system. On one’s own responsibility, the country can get out of the current crisis,” he added. He claims that Pakistani politicians always strengthen the country while the military situation always hurts it.

He said democracy provided state projects such as CPEC, Autobahns and Gwadar, while martial law and undemocratic powers only hurt the country. “Yes, politicians who came out of martial law in their 35s, including Zulfikar Bhuto, Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto, uttered popular government slogans and were declared traitors. Voicing human rights has become their crime,” he said.

When asked, he replied that the date for the long march would be announced on February 1 and the PDM would lead it.

When asked about the rifts in the PDM, he said that all PDM parties are united and not divided.

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