Sunday, October 1, 2023

The new “security feature” at Bank Alfalah is a problem

The new mobile app feature from Bank Alfalah seems hard to use and unnecessary, even though security features are supposed to keep people safer without making their lives harder. A new Bank Alfalah security feature in the app makes it impossible to sign in from more than one mobile device.

Individuals are angry that they can’t use two phones at once to get into their bank accounts. People who have set up the same bank account on more than one phone are having trouble getting into their accounts. Also, Bank Alfalah didn’t tell its customers about the change.

Temporary fix that works quickly

Even though some users it has found a way to solve this problem, it’s not quite reliable yet. You might be able to get back into your account if you delete the app’s data from your phone’s settings.

If a client wants to sign in from a different mobile device. They must contact the bank to get the account in separate ways. To set up the new phone, you will need a new password and PIN. Your password does allow you to make it almost always.

Customers can still log into their accounts from any device, which makes the extra security pointless.

Bank Alfalah did make an announcement to the public.
We did ask Bank Alfalah to send us a statement. You can see what they said below.

Our newest security feature locks down the main device of the customer. We’re sorry if this caused problems for the small number of our clients who are using more than one device to access their digital banking accounts. For the 1% of our customers who prefer to do their online banking on more than one device. We will soon roll out a more streamlined digital process for registering multiple devices without compromising the security of the other 98%.

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The bank has said that soon, more than one mobile device may become able to be linked to the same bank account. If you wait “a few weeks,” you must become able to get it.

The bank has also said that 99% of its customers only use the app on one phone. So this problem only affects 1% of their customers. The bank has more than 5 million customers, so this problem may affect somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 of them.

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