The Netflix app for Android offers great sound / sound enhancement

The popular video streaming platform Netflix has released a new update that promises better sound quality on Android devices. This update provides better sound in noisy environments and better performance on slower mobile data connections. There is also an adjustment for sudden volume changes in the Android app. This increases volume control and prevents annoying volume changes during action scenes.

According to the recent announcement, the company has implemented advanced HE-AAC with MPEG-D DRC (xHE-AAC) audio codec on the platform for devices running Android 9 Pie and higher. The technical aspects of this new implementation are complex. Overall though, Netflix promises studio-quality sound for all compatible devices.

In addition, the new system has variable transmission rates, which means sound quality varies depending on the quality of your Internet connection. The platform improves sound quality if connection allows, otherwise it will degrade with unstable connection.

While not many people enjoy watching Netflix on their smartphones, it will be easier to stream media on your phone, especially if you watch without headphones. Also, Android tablet users who are not able to enjoy great sound quality usually benefit significantly from this update.

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