Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The Mumbai Crime Branch confiscated Raj Kundra’s bank accounts

Shilpa Shetty is in a lot of problems with her husband Raj Kundra after the businessman has been stopped for making and releasing porn movie.

Raj was previously committed to judicial prison until 23 July, but his detention was prolonged thereafter until 27 July. The most recent news is that two of Raj Kundra bank accounts have been seized by the Mumbai Crime Branch.

Reports in The Times of India have shown that the Mumbai Crime Branch has ordered State Bank of India, at Kanpur, to take 2 accounts from State Bank of businessmen Shilpa Shetty and actor Raj Kundra’s spouse.

The staff of SBI Bank mentioned in their reports the deposit of many crores of rupees in these two bank accounts.

Following the seizure of bank accounts on Sunday, a second issue with Kundra became clear. The sources indicated that Arvind Srivastava ruled Raj Kundra’s production firm and the money went to Harshita’s wife, Arvind Srivastava. Reports in ANI indicate.

Arvind’s Father N.P. Srivastava said: “Arvind hasn’t visited home in the previous two years, and he’s sending household costs money sometimes.”

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