Monday, December 4, 2023

The ministry announced a gradual reduction in taxes for mobile phone users

After the federal cabinet approves the “telecommunications” status of the telecommunications sector, the income tax imposed on cell phone users will gradually decrease.

According to a tweet from the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications, the allusion to the Federal Cabinet was based on the Ministry’s recommendation.

The ministry announced a gradual tax reduction for the telecommunications sector and mobile phone users.

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“This is a major achievement that not only benefits direct cell phone users but also helps spread Pakistan’s digital spirit (connectivity) in remote areas of the country,” said the Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications. Sied Amin ul Hake held a press conference on Thursday.

Starting from the next fiscal year (2021-22), the income tax for mobile users will be lowered from 12.5% ​​to 10% and in the fiscal year 2022-23 to 8%, said, Hake.

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