Friday, December 1, 2023

The latest Windows 11 update is terrible for gamers

The latest update for Windows 11 (Windows 11 22H2) came out earlier this week. A tech blog called Bleeping Computer has found that it makes video games run very slowly. As is usually the case with the latest Windows 11 update. The newest version has done make some problems worse while fixing others.

After installing the current patch, many players report that their games are now unplayable because of lag, changes in frame rate, and a general slowing down. Even people with the most advanced gaming systems can’t avoid this problem.

Nvidia quickly put out a statement explaining what was going on. It said that the pollution was created by an accidentally did turn new Windows graphics debugging feature. The American company that makes hardware has put out using a fix and told the public about it. Nvidia says that the latest beta of GeForce Experience will fix the problem. A few commenters said that the update appears to work.

This problem seems to point to the fact that Nvidia’s extra software, not just the GeForce drivers, is quite a at fault. So, you may not have the performance problem in the first place if you didn’t can use GeForce Experience to download the drivers.

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Because of this, Microsoft usually gives new updates to a small group of users before making them available to everyone. During the Windows as a service era, when each new update caused problems for users like broken webcams, lost data, and programs that didn’t work right, the software developer learned this the hard way.

We recommend installing the latest beta version of GeForce Experience for anybody who has to upgrade to Windows 11 recently.

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