Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The ISPR is ready to unveil the largest military reality show

The ISPR is all prepared to debut Pakistan’s largest military reality show, known as a major milestone in the entertainment business in the nation.

The military reality show, titled 60 Hours to Glory, will feature Fakhr-e-Alam and will be broadcast on HUM News and PTV Home under the ISPR banner.

The military reality show will include eight local teams and four international teams.

ISPR shared details of the event in an Instagram post: “The Pakistan Army Team Competition (PATS) is designed to test tactical skills on both physical and professional fronts and assess response in challenging battlefield scenarios in real time.”

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“The 60-hour event saw teams face a variety of scenarios across domains and included tasks such as physical endurance, night navigation, mines, crossing water hazards, reconnaissance of nearby targets and sprints. “PATS started in 2015 and has since grown into one of the toughest and most demanding tactical exercises in the world,” he added.

The Military Reality Show, 60 Hours to Glory, is a unique production that showcases the strict training regime of the Pak Army and reveals “Why we are the best”. “After the intense PATS-21 race, the event was filmed in real time without implementation,” ISPR said.

“Viewers will continue to be involved in the production of the roller coaster, including the sensational 25 episodes. This show was created to stimulate the entertainment industry to produce a stream of exciting and innovative content full of adventure,” he added.

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