Saturday, December 2, 2023

The Islamabad Police Investigation Wing has implemented SMS warnings

The incorporation of technology into the Law Enforcement Department is so important that the addition of a Short Message Service (SMS) by the Islamabad Police Investigation Wing to update complainants on their Initial Information Report (FIR) status is a welcome move.

These are small steps that we hope will lead to further improvement and accountability in the system. According to the new automated system, both whistleblowers and investigative officers in charge (IO) will be notified of the FIR application via SMS, said a police spokesman.

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He added that the initiative would ensure continuous coordination between investigators and applicants. The IO must notify the complainant about the progress of his case after the SMS alert has been generated.

The spokesman also said officials would also contact the plaintiff to see if he had any problems investigating the case. According to the official, police in the capital Islamabad have opted for modern technology in line with the vision of Islamabad Police Inspector General Kazi Jamel-ur-Rehman, who has worked hard to help the masses through digital initiatives.

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