Wednesday, October 4, 2023

The icons on Twitter are getting a makeover

The goal became to come up with a set of Twitter icons that are all different in shape and style but still friendly and funny when appropriate.

Here, white icons for Twitter are shown on a black background.

Friday’s thread on Twitter’s design account reveals that the company wants to change the way the social network’s icons look. I see that the lines of the icons are a bit thicker and that the design as a whole is clearer.

Twitter said in the post, “The goal is to create a consistent set of symbols that are bold in shape and style but also friendly and a little cheeky where possible.” To sum up, all you must do is compare two tweets from the same conversation to see if the tone did change.

This shows how they did look in the past and how they look now. The picture that comes next shows a bunch of these things together. We can’t wait to show you, and we want to keep adding to the collection.

Which symbols do you think are the most interesting?

I didn’t like it much at first, but now I can see why it’s good. (One of my favorite features is being able to retweet). A Twitter representative said that everyone would be able to use new icons “in the next days” for desktop computers. Mobile devices running iOS and Android. Maybe you already have them. I saw them as a result of writing this article. But they just demonstrates on the site and in the iOS app last night.

In August 2021, the company did use a visual design language. The Chirp font became a big part of this language.

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