Thursday, February 22, 2024

The govt may introduce a package for the IT industry

The Ministry of IT and Telecom (MoITT) has brought together a series of policies that will help the Information Technology (IT) industry, These policies will soon be in place (package).

Sources in the MoITT told LahoreHerald that the PM’s advisory council’s subcommittee on IT. The digital economy has recommended a package for the IT sector to boost the digital economy and increase IT exports. After much discussion, the Prime Minister will soon approve the package.

Sources say that the IT industry, independent contractors, and startups may benefit from the package. Financial and non-financial incentives, which the IT sector asked for, are also part of the package. Sources say that the package is almost the same as the one offered by the previous PTI government, with a few additions. The package is not available because FBR and SBP will not work with the previous government (SBP).

Hira Zaineb, the secretary general of the Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA), said that the MoITT put together a package after talking with the business community. The list is longer than the last one, but for now, it is just a suggestion. She said that the Industry needs to look over the latest news before making any more comments. She also said that the business is always waiting for the package for some time now.

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People say that the Prime Minister set up a council to give advice on IT and the digital economy. This suggests that the coalition government wants to improve the IT industry. Miftah Ismail, the minister of finance, agrees that tax breaks and other incentives could help the IT industry a lot if they are given.

The PM also did ask to get together for a briefing on the package. As soon as the PM Office gives the go-ahead. The advisory council will tell the PM about the package, and the news is out.

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