Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The govt chooses Anusha Rahman to run for ITU elections

The govt of Pakistan and the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications it has placed forward Anusha Rahman Khan. A former Minister of State for IT and also telecom in Pakistan. As a candidate for the position of Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau at the International Telecommunication Union (MoITT). Anusha Rahman Khan is now up for the job (ITU).

Syed Amin-Ul-Haque, the federal minister for information technology and telecommunications, has promised her that the government will do everything. It can to help her win a historic victory in the upcoming elections. With this help, she has a much better chance of becoming president.

Anusha Rahman worked in the High Court as an Advocate the whole time he does it. In 2018, she is first named Regional Advisor for East and also South Asia by the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization in the United Kingdom. This new position started in 2019. Anusha Rahman has worked in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) before, both as a professional and as a govt employee. Now she is the Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications.

University College London gave Rehman a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Laws. While he was there, he studied the economics and laws of crowded places and markets.

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In her job as a federal minister, she oversaw the end of three rounds of spectrum auctions for Next Generation Mobile Services (3G and 4G). As a result, the number of homes with access to broadband internet has gone from less than three percent in 2013. More than fifty-three percent in 2018 and is now more than forty percent.

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