Monday, April 15, 2024

The government will firmly safeguard Chinese nationals, says Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed stated the Chinese citizens working on Dasu Dam project will be provided with sufficient security.

Rasheed met on Sunday with Pakistani Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong, assuring him that the government was dedicated to building a safe atmosphere in Pakistan for the Chinese.

“With the protection of the Chinese nationals who work in Pakistan, we would not leave any stone untouched,” added Rasheed.

Pakistan would not allow the Economic Corridor of China-Pakistan to be exposed to foreign intrigues, he said, adding “No powers can threaten the friendship of Pakistan.”

Rong and Rasheed agreed that investigations should be concluded as quickly as possible to identify the culprits of last month’s dasu tragedy.

The ambassador expressed his thanks to the government for its efforts to help Chinese citizens.

Thirteen individuals, including nine Chinese citizens, perished on 14 July, as a passenger vehicle dropped into a ditch to transport them into the Dasu hydroelectric project.

Chinese engineers, inspectors and mechanical personnel were murdered. 28 Chinese personnel have been wounded. They are treated in the Rawalpindi Combined Military Hospital.

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