Monday, December 11, 2023

The futuristic robotic restaurant’s where robots are built of recycled auto parts, vacuums, and makeup boxes

I went to a robotic restaurant where approximately 40 recycled-material robots surrounding me.
Others have manufactured with Dyson vacuum cleaners and vehicle and motorcycle parts. Swannell estimated a recycled “Iron Man” cost roughly $5,300. Some of the robots at Robotazia have made by co-owners Mark Swannell and Joy Gittens, while others have collected from around the UK.

The robotic restaurant has littered with robots of all sizes, and four talking robots delivered food to tables. Sparky the robot came over to say hi as I sat at a table. Swannell built Sparky using metal and plastic scraps.

Before the restaurant acquired Optimus Prime, he stood outside a retailer in London, Swannell said.

Iron Man sat by the door. Swannell said the eatery was asking £4,000 ($5,300) for the enormous recycled replica. In order to create “Yslabelle,” co-owner Joy Gittens collected roughly 800 Yves Saint Lauren makeup boxes.

Meet “Mike Dyson,” a recycled Dyson vacuum cleaner. It’s the restaurant’s tallest robot at three metres. Swannell then painted the robot red and brown. Mike Dyson was the restaurant’s most remarkable robot.

Adam 1971, constructed of scrap materials, evoked Star Wars. It was a 147cm tall, 15kg robot.

A55A51N was near Adam. This robot has composed of repurposed mannequin parts and metal scrap. Also Tagan was the restaurant’s largest robot. Materials recycled included vacuum cleaners and automobile parts.

The “Audibot” is a Transformer-like robot created from a toy electric automobile. It also contains pressure washer, bike, and engine parts.

And Gittens and Swannell found Tronik in a warehouse. His head and body can turn, and his eyes light up blue when activated. Additionally the restaurant’s Dalek model would have pleased “Doctor Who” aficionados. Moreover there was even a hand sanitizer robot constructed of scrap metal and springs.

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