Monday, May 29, 2023

The Free YouTube Music Tier Will Soon Be Audio-Only

YouTube Music, in contrast to other streaming services such as Apple Music, which do not provide a free tier, does so in an effort to compete with other platforms such as Spotify and other music services. Although it appears that if you are a subscriber to YouTube Music’s free tier, you will begin to lose some of its services as of next month, according to the company.

In accordance with YouTube’s announcement, free subscribers will no longer be able to watch music videos. Unless they pay a subscription fee to the YouTube Premium service. Take note that you may still watch videos on YouTube as a regular user, including music videos if you so desire. But if you’re trying to do so through YouTube Music and you’re a free member, you won’t be able to.

This implies that YouTube Music will essentially become an audio-only experience. Which we suppose isn’t a big problem if that’s how you’ve been interacting with the service all along. In reality, while YouTube is removing music videos on demand for free members. The company will be rewarding them with additional benefits in exchange.

Additionally, you may play music in the background, rotate through personalized playlists, locate moon mixes for different activities, and more. These modifications have expected to take effect on the 3rd of November, but in the meantime. If on-demand music videos are something you have interested in, it may be time to consider subscribing to YouTube Premium. Which also has the added benefit of not displaying advertisements on the video content you watch.

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