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The FIA has not registered the FIR against PPP leader Masoudur Rehman

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has yet to register a case against PPP leader Masoudur Rehman Abbasi in Karachi, who claims to have used insulting words against Pakistani Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed after the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court fell badly in his case last week.

A senior official told it was surprising that the FIA ​​was reluctant to file a case against Abbasi. “The agency believes that it cannot register a case without a prior complaint,” he said.

The Pakistan Prosecutor’s Office (AGP) confirmed that the FIA ​​had registered the case.

The FIA ​​had previously registered the FIR against Agha Iftikhar Uddin for his hate speech against Supreme Court Justice Qazi Faez Isa and later arrested him. However, the agency has responded to the complaint of justice woman Isa Sarina Isa.

It is also contentious if Abbasi committed a crime according to the 2016 Electronic Crime Prevention Act (PECA), as other persons posted footage of his lectures on social media.

Some senior lawyers believe that the Supreme Court should initiate proceedings to dismiss PPP leaders or that some other law enforcement agency should take action.

“Even if he has committed a serious crime, he must be treated fairly through the legal process,” a lawyer said. Meanwhile, the FIA, through the addition of Attorney General Sohail Mahmoud, submitted an interim report to the Supreme Court on Friday.

According to the study, Abbasi’s video and audio are genuine and cannot be altered.

The duration of the audio/video clip is two minutes-15 seconds. It was first uploaded to Facebook by Faraz Karim. Another person, Masood Anwar, also uploaded it separately to the social media site. The Urdu VTN channel then uploaded the video to YouTube.

Pakistan’s Electronic Media Regulator (Pemra) has yet to comment.

On June 22, a four-judge panel of the Supreme Court, chaired by Judge Umar Ata Bandial, issued an offensive statement to Abasi for his speech insulting Judge Gulzar Ahmed.

“We understand that the speech of Masudur Rehman Abasi, Secretary General of PPP, PS-114, Karachi, made a speech in which he made obscene and disrespectful remarks about the Chief Justice of Pakistan, which at first glance seemed contemptible and humiliating.

“Our prima facie is of the opinion that such frank statements from him constitute a court waiver within the meaning of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the law.

Therefore the complaint must be filed in order to offer a reply and explain the reasons why it has not been tried and punished pursuant to Article 204 of the Constitution, as spelled out in Section 3, Destitution of Court 2003. The order read, “Can become legislation.

The court ruled that Abasi was the secretary general of PPP in the PS-114 constituency and that the Sindh government should ensure compliance with the grounds.

The Court directed the Chief Police Inspector (IGP) of Sindh to ensure that Abasi is notified and comes before the court on 28 June.

The court has also sent a notification to Pemra and the FIA ​​to provide all relevant records, data, and information regarding the controversial speech of the PPP leader.

He also sent a notification to the Prosecutor General of Pakistan regarding CCP Order XXVII-A to assist the court. The court then adjourned the hearing until June 28.

Previously Abbasi had criticized his behavior by being informed about a video using vulgar language against CJ by the 23rd Executive Committee of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA).

CJ Gulzar Ahmed was angry with the PPP and encouraged by the government of Sindh to disregard Karachi’s civil issues, and on 15 June claimed Sindh had no government, with important persons from Canada, London, or Dubai operating under his control.

The European Court of Justice made this statement in a case involving the construction of a tower in the Sharea Faisal district. “If the Sindh government can’t abolish zero, how can they rule the whole province?” he asked. Abbasi’s video came out after the trial.

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