Friday, December 1, 2023

The FIA ​​has arrested the newly appointed officer for recruitment fraud

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested seven newly hired employees, including two nurses, for using dishonest, fraudulent and fraudulent means to be employed at the organization.

The FIA ​​Anti-Corruption Circle (ACC) has recorded two separate cases against seven employees who were involved in maneuvering the selection process for bringing to the department. A senior official confirmed that the seven people had been arrested.
A related press release released Tuesday night said the agency had received numerous complaints on social media about irregularities in the FIA ​​recruitment process via the Open Testing Service (OTS).

He claimed that the general manager of the FIA ​​took action against this complaint and directed ACC Islamabad to open an investigation into the matter. Investigations reveal that related employees have used dishonest means to secure their jobs at the FIA.
Those arrested were Shahrum Khan, Tahir Amin, Kainat Mumtaz, Rimsha Mumtaz, Mohamad Azim, Hamza Said and Hamad Ahmed. They were accused of tampering with the system with the active consent of OTS staff.

The roles of OTS and other staff will be determined during the investigation, and Assistant Inspector Aung Abbas has been appointed as the male investigator, while Assistant Inspector Memona Kausar will investigate the case against the two sisters.

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