Sunday, September 24, 2023

The female bureaucrat of Balochistan has four transfers within 36 days

Farida Tarin, a bureaucrat in Balochistan, made four transfers within 36 days. She was sent to four different positions from February 11 to March 16 this year. On 11 February, the officer was appointed Deputy Commissioner of Quetta for the first time.

Her appointment was withdrawn the next day, and on February 16, she was appointed to Division Three in the Administration Department.

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Then, on February 25, she was promoted to Division 1 General Service and Administration (S & GAD) and finally to the Division of Commerce and Industry on March 16.

The spokesperson, acknowledging Farida Tareen’s expertise, said moving was part of the job.

“Farida Tareen is a smart, smart and hardworking bureaucrat,” said the spokesperson.

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