Friday, March 31, 2023

The federal government has offered ECP the opportunity to introduce another EVM

After the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) expressed reservations over the usage of electronic voting machines (EVMs) in the elections, the federal government has offered to help the institution deploy another electronic voting machine (EVM).

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Shibli Faraz has stated that more electronic voting machines (EVMs) will be given to the Election Commission of Pakistan in the near future (ECP). He stated that we are living in modern times and that we must adopt modern tactics as well.

Shibli Faraz stated that the Election Commission of Pakistan was completely authorised to select the most appropriate electronic voting machine (EVM) because the federal government had provided the institution with a variety of possibilities. He went on to say that the ECP is an autonomous institution whose powers have not been curtailed by anyone.

According to federal ministers, the opposition political party Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), which used to make diametrically opposed remarks all of the time, should be called out for their actions. He went on to say that the opposition parties were circulating misleading information regarding electronic voting machines, claiming that the machines will be used to rig elections.

The federal minister also expressed the opinion that all past elections had been marred by disagreements, and that the current government wished to bring about a permanent settlement. He also provided the opposition parties options for how to tackle the issues that they had presented at the table.

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