Sunday, October 1, 2023

‘The Crown’ misses top 50 most-watched shows

But even though Netflix said it would make seasons five and six of The Crown, it doesn’t look like the show has been able to win over the audience’s hearts.

The fifth season of the show did not debut within the top 50 most-watched television shows in the UK when it was initially broadcast there.

According to the TV audience measuring body, Barb, The Crown did not even come close to ranking higher than BBCI’s Celebrity Mastermind, which was the show that rounded out the top ten.

A little more than three million people watched the broadcast, which suggests that the episode with The Crown receiving the most views must have garnered a smaller number of total viewers.

An anonymous source told Express that over 2.9 million people watched The Crown in its first week, which the publication reported was a large number.

In contrast to the rating that the episode received in the UK, a Netflix insider revealed that the show was the most watched show on the platform overall with 84.3 million hours of viewing time.

During the same week, the United States was also included on the top 10 list in 86 different nations.

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