Monday, December 11, 2023

The construction of Margalla Road begins on June 3rd

Planning Minister Assad Umar will officially open construction work on Margalla Street in Sangjani on Thursday.

The Prime Minister’s Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) for Capital Development Management (CDA) Ali Nawaz Awan, who will also attend the ceremony, told that road construction would begin Thursday.

“The Minister of Planning, who is also the elected MNA in the area, will open the first package on Thursday,” said SAPM. The first project was carried out by Prime Minister Imran Khan in April.

SAPM said the road will be built in two stages, from Sanjani to H-12 and from Constitution Avenue to Satra Mill, Murray Road, passing Bhara Kahu.

Sources say the CDA is not interested in building from D-12 to Constitution Avenue for now as it will use Khayaban-i-Iqbal as a link between the two.

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CDA has placed an order with the Frantier Works Organization (FWO). “This road will be a great relief not only to the people of Islamabad but also to other areas,” said SAPM, adding that the road was part of the Islamabad Master Plan which was drafted in 1960 but consistently ignored by the government.

“We will build this main road, which will later be useful for reducing congestion on other roads, especially the Srinagar Toll Road,” he said.

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Initially, Margalla Road was 35 kilometers long, starting with G.T. The road near Sanjani was supposed to end at Bhara Kahu, but now the CDA has decided to bypass Bhara Kau and connect it to Murree Road near Satra Meel.

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