The CDA is accused of conspiring with the mafia to sell properties with forged documents

The land mafia in the federal capital used forged documents to sell land that was originally owned by the public before being confiscated by the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Apart from releasing land that was canceled in Model City, Humak, the robbery also encroached on nearby state land.

According to supporters, some commercial property was also being sold by the mafia, while the police in Sihala completely ignored the matter.

Local residents reveal that the mafia has produced suspicious documents related to the illegal sale of land previously canceled by the CDA or abandoned by those affected.

CDA employees are said to have conspired with the land mafia to fabricate land register entries to cover their tracks in the event of an investigation.

Buyers failed to pay attention to the situation as residents turned to Prime Minister Imran Khan and the CDA chairman to resolve the issue.

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