Monday, December 11, 2023

The case of Kulbhushan Yadhav: Laws on the revision presented in the Senate

International Court of Justice’s revised law.Which aims to give Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav the right to appeal, were submitted to the Senate on Thursday. “The bill was passed by the National Assembly last week”.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Mohamed Khan presented the bill.Which was criticized by the opposition, to the House of Representatives. Senate President Sadiq Sanjarani then referred the bill to the Standing Committee on Law and Justice.

The bill states that when the International Court of Justice makes an order regarding the rights of a foreigner, the Supreme Court has the authority to examine and reconsider it, and the foreigner concerned can submit the order to the Supreme Court either alone or by petition. for review Review their representative’s request.

Petitions are filed with reference to judgments or sentencing orders by military courts under the Pakistan Army Act. Requests for re-examination or re-examination will be made within 60 days of the Military Court order.

Under the bill, the Supreme Court will examine whether foreigners have experienced discrimination in terms of protection, testimony, fair trial and denial of consular access.

The intent and intent of the bill indicates that India has appealed to the International Court of Justice regarding Yadhav’s trial, adding that the ICJ decision obliges Pakistan to provide a mechanism .

Opposition not entrusted with bill: Bilawal

Commenting on the bill, PPP Chair Bialaval Bhuto-Zardari said the PTI-led government did not trust the opposition in adopting the bill in the National Assembly last week.

“The PPP will not be a mediator in the Jadav case because the government drafted the bill behind closed doors,” he said in an interview with Karachi media.

Bilawal added that Prime Minister Imran Khan would have to do this himself if the Jadav government handed over the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NGO) without expecting his party’s cooperation.

Bilawal also explained issues related to Afghanistan, saying that Parliament should be informed of the agreement that the PTI government has made with Afghanistan.

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