Saturday, December 2, 2023

The ‘Black Widow’ of Scarlett Johansson is offered via streaming service for $30

The new “Black Widow” is available in cinemas for the price of $30 for the Disney+ streaming program from Walt Disney Co. After several delays on Friday, the picture which was initially planned only to appear in films in May 2020 will finally launch on.

The film with the leading part Scarlett Johansson examines the past of the Avengers’ character “Black Widow”.

The film is a prelude to “Captain America: Civil War” events in 2016. It catches up with Natasha Romanoff, who was a former assassin while running by federal officials.

The film starts with a mailbox left in the previous apartment from Romanoff. Because of its contents, the Taskmaster and an army of women, known as widows, inadvertently attack her.

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