Friday, April 19, 2024

Tesla will release its own smartphone: Tesla Model Pi

Interesting rumors say that Tesla Model Pi may switch its focus from electric cars to a smartphone, which is also a product that helps people move around.

The Tesla Pi Mobile

Here, we lay out everything we know so far about the mysterious Tesla Model Pi, including the rumored release dates at the end of 2022 and in the middle of 2023.


The Tesla Pi Phone is sometimes 156.8 inches long, 72.1 inches wide, and 7.6 inches tall. It will weigh 202 g on average.


Tesla is thinking about giving the 6.7-inch Pi Phone an OLED screen. The resolution of the screen became 1284 by 2778. The Pi Phone’s screen has a pixel density of 458 PPI and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The Pi Phone does make for use all the time. It has glass that won’t get did scratch and a coating that won’t get oily.


All three cameras on the back of the Tesla Pi can take pictures at 50 megapixels. In addition to Dual-pixel phase detection autofocus (PDAF) and Dual-LED dual-tone flash, the back cameras can record HDR (photo/panorama), ProRes, Cinematic mode, and stereo sound. Front and center is a 40-megapixel camera.
High dynamic range (HDR) and electronic image stabilization are just two of its many features (gyro-EIS).


The Wi-Fi on the Tesla Pi Phone works on several bands and supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6e.
It works with GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS and has a Bluetooth connection with version 5.2, A2DP, and LE.


Tesla made its own CPU, which the company calls the Tesla processor, for the Tesla Pi smartphone. Tesla is using a GPU did make especially for it. NVMe memory does use in the Pi phone.


No one knows for sure how much power the Pi Phone’s battery has, but it is thought to be around 5000 mAh.


There is no official price yet, but rumors say it is between $300 and $400.

A phone modeled after the tesla pi

Most likely, Tesla will build solar panels into the device so that it does charge without a power source from the outside. This makes perfect sense because it would keep Tesla’s green reputation and put the company’s current solar technology to good use.

But it’s still not clear if solar charging technology is good enough to keep a phone running all day, especially since most people carry their phones in their pockets or bags.

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Some reputable sources say that the Model Pi can connect closely to Tesla cars, making it easier to control the settings and operations of the car.

Several news stories also state that Musk’s SpaceX company’s Starlink service did use the Model Pi. In essence, this is high-speed internet that is delivered by satellite. It must be able to reach many places that 5G doesn’t want to go. Even though satellite phones are already on the market, they are too expensive compared to regular LTE smartphones, so Tesla has its work cut out for it if it did sell the Model Pi to the general public.

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