Friday, March 31, 2023

Tesla Update Bans Game Playing While Driving

For some reason, Tesla thought it would be a good idea to offer a feature called “Passenger Play,” which allowed passengers to play games on their vehicle’s touchscreen display while they were behind the wheel. But now Tesla update bans game playing while driving.

To be fair to the corporation, they do prompt users to ensure that they are not the driver when the game has begun. But it is not a difficult thing to pretend to be the passenger and fool the system. Because of this, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has declared preparations to examine the firm about the feature. It may also explain why Tesla is now acting courteously and has opted to disable the feature.

Tesla bans the ability for playing game in the car while it is in motion in an upcoming software upgrade to the vehicle. Prior to the introduction of “Passenger Play,” Tesla had a safety safeguard that prevented gaming from taking place. While the vehicle was in motion, and that games could only played while the vehicle has parked or in park.

The result is that Tesla is effectively reverting the feature to its previous state with this new release. Games can still be played while the car is in motion. But they will now locked when the vehicle is moving. According to the NHTSA’s warning, this feature has intended to keep passengers (such as children) entertained while driving. But they were afraid that it could end up being a distraction for motorists while driving.

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