Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Tesla Introduces Subscription Service for Updated Driver Assistant Software

Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) announced on Saturday that it has introduced the option for some customers to subscribe to their advanced driver assistance software called “Full Autonomous Capability” for $199 per month instead of $10,000 upfront.

Previously, Tesla announced that its subscription service would generate recurring revenue. It expand its customer base for expensive features such as lane changes on expressways and parking assistance.

The US electric car maker reiterated Saturday that the current feature “doesn’t make the car autonomous”. He added that it “requires a really careful driver who keeps the wheel”. “FSD-enabled subscriptions are currently available for eligible vehicles in the US. Check your Tesla app for availability updates in other regions,” Tesla says on its website.

In April, Tesla CFO Zachary Kirkhorn said the proposed subscription service would generate regular revenue for the company. Though “there may be a period when cash may drop in the near future”.

“If … you look at the number of customers who haven’t pre-purchased or leased FSD and might want to experiment with FSD, this is a great opportunity for them,” he said during the April earnings meeting.

Tesla announces the subscription service is available in vehicles equipped with active computers 3.0 or later. He also told the customers that there will come a cost of 1500$ to upgrade the hardware.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk predicted in 2019 that robots without human drivers would be available in some US markets by 2020. In March, Tesla notify to the California regulators it may not reach at full self managed technology at the end of this year.

Tesla is testing new independent driving software for city streets and last week delivered “FSD Beta v9” to some selective customers.

The FSD subscription service is only available for Tesla vehicles equipped with self-driving computers 3.0 or later. Those interested in upgrading to the new hardware will have to cost $1,500.

Not long ago, Tesla launched a full-power Beta v9 using Tesla Vision to select customers. Tesla Vision is an imaginary computer and insight system based on optical images and never on readings from radar sensors. They were previously part of the Tesla sensor package.

The latest full replacement for self-driving software, Beta v9. Currently test on 2,000 vehicles as part of the Early Entry program. Musk lauds the latest software replacement as “amazing”. One that has the flexibility to upgrade faster through machine learning (ML).

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