Saturday, December 2, 2023

Bitcoin reaches to peak after Tesla invests $ 1.5 billion

Bitcoin reaches to peak after Tesla invests $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin.

Bitcoin extended earnings on Tuesday to a record high. Due to Tesla Inc’s investment of $ 1.5 billion in cryptocurrency, investors think it would become a dominant asset class for companies and money managers.

Bitcoin has more than doubled in two months, as institutional investors look for alternative stores and retail merchants catch the wave. Monday’s jump after Tesla’s announcement was its highest daily increase in more than three years.

It traded to a record high of $ 48,216 in the late Asian afternoon on Tuesday. Rival cryptocurrency ethereum hit a record high of $ 1,784.85 early in the morning.

As a result Shares in companies that provide bitcoin trading platforms and technology to “mine”, the cryptocurrency has also increased in China, South Korea, and Australia, and large computer chip makers like SK Hynix have also risen.

Due to it, The US dollar fell against most currencies.

Analysts estimate that Tesla bought $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin and that it would accept cryptocurrency as payment for cars is part of the highest shift as companies and large investment houses follow small traders to the asset.

“While you can now buy a Tesla with bitcoin, I wouldn’t suggest doing so,” said Michael Bucella, partner at crypto investment firm BlockTower. “We’re in a position where these are the earliest phases of an allocation to bitcoin from the institutional and corporate community.”

Bitcoin has already risen 62 percent this year, in addition to a 300pc hike last year, as investors seek alternatives to the dollar because of the United States Federal Reserve’s opc interest rates.

Elon Musk About Cryptocurrency:

Tesla boss Elon Musk has long been a fan of cryptocurrencies – he talked about them online – but Tesla’s investment in hard currency was a surprise that put a rocket under the industry.

Even Dogecoin, a joke cryptocurrency with a dog as a symbol, saw its value increase after Musk mentioned him on Twitter. It jumped 13% the day before, according to CoinMarketCap.

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