Saturday, December 2, 2023

Tesla faces a second sexual harassment complaint in a month

A Tesla employee claims sexual harassment and retribution at the Fremont factory.
It’s the second lawsuit in less than 30 days by a female employee alleging sexual harassment. Moreover a request for comment from Tesla and Elon Musk went unanswered. Plaintiff claims retribution and failure to prevent “a pattern of ongoing and pervasive” sexual harassment at Tesla’s Fremont production.

Erica Cloud, a Tesla assembly line worker, filed a case in Alameda County Superior Court. The claim accuses Tesla and others, including Cloud’s former manager, of permitting him to be harassed and undesired.

Cloud claimed she has subjected to “near-daily sexual harassment” by her former boss. According to the lawsuit, the manager would “hug and massage” her and “get on his knees and propose marriage” to her. Moreover the manager informed Cloud “on multiple occasions that she is ‘blackenese’. And also he is large down there,” the suit claims. The manager’s conduct made her “fear for her safety,” the lawsuit alleged.

Tesla’s Human Resources department delayed two to three months to respond to Cloud’s complaints after she reported the manager to the team. After leaving the manager’s office, Cloud claims she has put in “a hostile work environment” for reporting the alleged harassment. Cloud claims he has fired or ordered not to work for “arbitrary grounds” and lost income, bonuses, and perks as a result.

Cloud’s Case

For failing to prevent alleged sexual harassment and retaliating against Cloud after she reported the allegations, Cloud and her lawyers say Tesla broke the law. Attorneys seek damages, declaratory and injunctive relief, and fees.

Cloud’s case comes weeks after another industrial worker claimed sexual harassment. Also Jessica Barraza sued Tesla in November, claiming the workplace is a “frat house”. Moreover three current and former Tesla employees said they had witnessed or experienced sexual harassment at the Fremont factory.

A month earlier, a federal court ordered Tesla to pay roughly $137 million after finding racial harassment against a Fremont manufacturing employee. Tesla is appealing the decision.

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