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Tesla Delays its Cybertruck Delivery to Late 2022 Elon Musk says

The Tesla Cybertruck delay is documented , but a recent report from CEO Elon Musk adds a couple of more details to the photo. Citing sources conversant in the meeting, Electrek said on Thursday that Musk had had company-wide conversations which the Cybertruck should be ready for production by the top of 2022.

It follows comments from Lars Moravi, the automaker’s vice president, who did his best in July to address delays.

Tesla Cybertruck Production Stage

“[The] Cybertruck is at a stage where we’ve completed the essential engineering of the vehicle architecture. With Cybertruck we are redefining the way vehicles are manufactured,” said Moravi. “As [Musk] said, it brings tons of the large structural and style package from the Y model inbuilt Berlin and Austin. Obviously they take precedence over the Cybertruck, but we’re moving to a beta version of the Cybertruck later this year and “We’ll be increasing production at Giga Texas once the Model Y goes live.”

If the corporate is planning a beta truck later this year, there won’t be enough time to start out actual production by the top of 2021.

Following his comments, Tesla updated its Cybertruck order page to indicate that production would begin in 2022. Although, according to Musk, we’re not looking to early 2022 or anything like that. And as we expected, the CEO emphasized that models with electric truck volumes may not be ready until 2023. If Tesla sticks to this schedule, we’ll get the most expensive three-engine model in 2022, then two-engine and single-engine trucks in 2023.

Tesla does not maintain a PR department to send requests for comment so we will receive this message with berry production. However, this doesn’t seem like an exaggeration. Musk only confirmed this week that another new vehicle, the Roadster, is also experiencing further delays. The electric sports car was supposed to go into production next year, but he said 2023 was the new target date for the car’s production and pointed to a production shortfall.

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