Thursday, February 22, 2024

Terror suspected of murdering 14 persons apprehended in Karachi

On Thursday, during a CTD operating in the vicinity of Ayesha Manzil, a terrorist of a banned outfit suspected of killing 14 people was captured.

The suspected terrorist was identified as Ali raza, who aggressively recruited young guys for terrorist attack in the nation, according to CTD officials.

He he departed the country, his accomplices were said to have been detained. He had lately come back.

The CTD has confiscated a large armour stockpile and explosives.

Various assassinations against the terror suspect at various police stations have been reported. Here is a list of all the killings in which he was accused:

  • Tahir Mullah has been murdered by a police station in Taimuria.
  • Two guys in Sharifabad shot dead in a medical shop.
  • Two males murdered under the Taimuria police station authority.
  • An individual killed outside a Sharifabad photo state shop.
  • They shot 8 guys dead while worshipping at Ajmer Nagri Mosque.

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