Saturday, December 2, 2023

Telegram Launches Feature of Voice Chat 2.0 for unlimited Participants in Channel

Telegram Messenger recently announced Voice Chat 2.0, which includes a plethora of features for securely and seamlessly conducting live voice chat sessions across channels for an unlimited number of participants.

Previously, this function was only available for Telegram groups beginning in December 2020.

The new update also includes downloadable voice chat, an extensive task list, better hand mechanics. This also includes invitations to speaker and listener connections and voice chat titles.

In addition, public figures can now participate in voice chat as their own channel instead of using their private accounts while maintaining their privacy.

Public channel and group administrators can now host voice chats for millions of live listeners.

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To start voice chat, open the account for the group or channel where you are the administrator, tap ([?]) Or (?)) And select Start Voice Chat.

In a live chat session where participants muted, listeners can signal to the administrator. If they wish to speak by raising their hand.

In order for administrators to easily recognize specific participant identification data, their biographies are now visible to them. So where specific knowledge of the topic can be mentioned. Administrators can easily decide and select the appropriate slot for dialing.

Public Group Feature

Public group and channel administrators can now create invite links that will open voice chat when they click on it. Additionally, separate connections can make for loudspeakers and earphones. This allows administrators to easily manage the list of speakers and determine who should be muted or activated.

Users can also share listener connections across various community groups to better cover sessions. Voice chat also has separate titles to better explain a specific discussion topic or voice chat session.

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The Celebrities now can join voice chat on telegram using their specific public channel instead of using their personal accounts.

So this will greatly help them to protect their accounts and privacy. This will help to spread their channel widely.

Previously, this function was limited to long audio and video recordings.

The Android users has a option to select an action performed in the chat list such as freeze , mute, delete and mark chats as read. (On iOS, all of these drag and drop actions are always available depending on how you dragged.

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