Saturday, March 25, 2023

Telegram Benefits from WhatsApp Outage

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about or experienced the outage. The outage that Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were suffering from recently. With millions of people using these apps, even if it was just down for a few hours, those few hours felt like an eternity. Because you couldn’t send or receive messages. And now here we will discuss the Telegram benefits from the Whatsapp outage.
However, it appears that WhatsApp’s downtime has been advantageous to Telegram, which is WhatsApp’s main competitor in the messaging market. According to a message on Telegram’s official channel by CEO Pavel Durov. The platform may have gained as many as 70 million new members as a result of the outage.

More than 70 million people from other platforms joined Telegram in a single day, according to the post. It stated that the daily growth rate was “an order of magnitude” more than usual. The way our team handled the extraordinary expansion is something I am very proud of, because Telegram continued to function flawlessly for the great majority of our users.”

It is likely that some of the new users signed up regardless of whether or not WhatsApp was available. But we believe that the desire to stay in touch was a driving force behind a large number of the new signups as well. It is unclear whether or not these new users will continue to use the site. Or if they were only looking for a temporary option at the time they joined.

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